LG Backup (Sender)

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Move your old phone's information to your new LG device


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LG Backup (Sender) is an app that lets you send all your important information and files from any device to a new LG device. It's important to note that although the device that sends the data can be of any brand (the only requirement is that it has Android Jellybean or higher), the device receiving the data must be an LG G2 or higher.

With this app, you can send your contact list, calendar information, bookmarks, text messages, photos and videos - basically anything you have saved. In addition to this, LG Backup (Sender) can also make a backup of the entire content on your device.

LG Backup (Sender) is pretty much essential if you've purchased a new LG device. With it, you can keep all the information you had on your old device without any problems.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher